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Astreea® Igloo Canopy – model L

The Canopy cover is our most elegant summer cover. Sturdy aircraft aluminum anodized metal frame. Italian fabric made out of polyester(90%) and elastan (10%), with water repellent and fire retardant coatings. Includes complete lighting electric system. ALL INCLUDED, READY TO INSTALL. EASY TO INSTALL. Prepared for any decorations (16 screws + holes). 2 clothes hangers. Ideal for restaurants, home dining, glamping, outdoor events or your garden. Designed and manufactured entirely in US and Europe.
  • Capacity
    4-10 people
  • Max. Diameter
    3.72m (146.45in)
  • Base Diameter
    3.2m (125.98in)
  • Height
    2.5m (98.42in)
  • Suitable for
    Ideal for restaurants, home dining, glamping, canopy, outdoor events or garden.
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