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Astreea ensures lifetime warranty for all stainless steel parts of our products, in conditions of normal use. This implies repair or replacement of broken units at our discretion. The warranty, however, does not cover canisters, pumps, screws, threads and rubber parts.

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Sales and support
An Astreea support team is always available for you. The team will respond as soon as possible, but they will take no longer than 6 hours to get back to you.

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Intellectual property
Astreea is a registered trademark of ARSAT and the product is patentedPatent N° 007844160-0001Patent N° 008031272-0001Patent N° 008193767-0001Patent N° 008193767-0002
All brands, designs and content is property of Arsat Company.Astreea Igloo and its extensions are also registered trademarks of Arsat and the products are patented.

Astreea Igloo: Pantent N° 008288260-0001
Astreea Downtown: Patent N° 008438873-0001
Privacy policy
Astreea is engaged in the protection of your privacy. For more information on your privacy refer to our Privacy Policy which explains the collection, use, dissemination, storage and protection of your personal information and data.

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