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Where Engineering Meets Art.

We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. By using cutting edge technology, Astreea® creates smart solutions in sleek design, for a better future.  

Who we are

We dream and deliver.

Astreea® is part of the ARSAT GROUP, which was founded in 1991, in Transylvania, Romania. After reaching worldwide recognition in the aerospace industry, our engineers  and designers are reinventing tomorrow, one solution at a time.

what we do

Reimagining the future

Here at Astreea®, we tackle world problems with simple solutions, that are environmentally friendly and reimagine the future. We started as world class providers for the largest manufacturers in the aerospace industry and continue by redesigning the way we live.

Our green mobility solutions, our sustainable housing projects, together with different revolutionary projects, aim to make the world a better place.


We change for the climate

In our fight against climate change, we’re committed to building eco-friendly products for a sustainable future.

A green future with less CO2 emissions, for which we’ve created the Astreea® One electric scooter series and a whole range of innovative EV chargers. A secure future, with our first metal prefabricated luxury homes plan.

Are you ready for the future?  

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