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The multifunctional garden house
Due to the freely selectable size and the light weight, you can decide for yourself when, how and, above all, where you want to use the Downtown®
Designed for small spaces
Complete products
Just 20 minutes for a complete installation. And less than 10 minutes for other covers.
All year long
Match for every season
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Astreea Igloo Frame
Astreea Igloo Canopy Cover
Astreea Igloo Umbrella Cover
Astreea Igloo Panorama Cover
Astreea Igloo PVC Crystal Cover
Astreea Igloo Wind Cover
Astreea Igloo Plus Cover
Just 20 minutes to install an Astreea® Downtown. Because your time and peace of mind is important.
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There is no pandemic or winter to stop an industry when you have Astreea Downtown.

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Everything you want to know
Do you offer custom sizes?

Only on specific orders and for custom projects. Feel free to contact us under

What is the life span of the cover?

The polycarbonate cover can last 2-10 years, depending on use and maintenance/external factors.

The Umbrella, Mosquito, Panorama and Canopy covers can be used for 2-5 years with proper maintenance.

The PVC cover has a shelf life of 24 months if kept in the right conditions (dry, ventilated space, temperature range: 5-25°C, no direct sunlight, humidity 30-60%).

How do I prepare my foundation for my structure?

The structures require a flat, solid ground for mounting them on. In case your ground is soft, grassy or sandy, you will need to weigh down the structure using Astreea® Weights, which you can purchase separately.

I’d like to see your products. Do you have a showroom?

Please ask us under, and we will indicate your closest showroom.

What is the approximate weight of an Igloo?

This depends on model and cover, but it is between 60-200kg.  

What is the structure made out of?

The igloo’s are made of anodized aluminium 6063.

What is the wind resistance?

Due to it’s spherical shape, the igloo’s can with stand unbelievable forces. If you properly bolt the igloo to the floor, and you close the structure during  

Do you offer a warranty on your products?

Yes, depending on market we offer a 1/2 year warranty for the structure and cover.

How do you deliver your structures?

The structures are delivered in cardboard boxes and are unmounted.

How can I see all the sizes and designs you offer?

You can check out all sizes and models we offer on our website at and choose the one that is best for you.

Which model should I choose?

Depending on your needs, you can choose the Igloo for an all-year-round oasis, the Downtown for a smaller shed-like structure, or the Terrace for a larger space to relax and enjoy.

Which model should I choose?

Depending on your needs,you can choose the Igloo for an all-year-round oasis, the Downtown for a smaller shed-like structure, or the Terrace for a larger space to relax and enjoy.

What is included in your electrical package?

The electrical pole, which is part of the Igloo, consists of a basic AC 220V/110V plug, three LED lightbulbs and a switch to turn them on/off.

Is it possible to install the Igloo’s by myself, or I need an Astreea® team to install them?

We always recommend our professional team to make any installation, but this can be done by yourselves. Just carefully follow all written instructions, as well as the installation movies provided by us.  

Do I need a permit for my outdoor structure?

Since Astreea® structures are non-permanent, you should not need a permit. We recommend you check with your local authorities if there are any permits     required to set up Astreea® structures.

How long will it take to install my structure?

The estimated installation time is indicated on each user’s manual and can vary, depending on model, sizeand/or cover, from 30 minutes to 8 hours.